Happy Hour Daily: 4pm to 6 pm



Moules Frites
fresh Taylor Farms mussels steamed in your choice of broth, garlic rosemary fries 9

Crunchy Grilled Olives
Castelvetrano olives, grilled baguette 4.5

Happy Wings
choose bourbon BBQ or buffalo sauce 7.5

Caesar Salad*
romaine, fried capers, croutons, creamy garlic anchovy dressing 6

Ribs by the Bone
St. Louis style smoked pork ribs, bourbon BBQ, spicy slaw 2.5 each

Roasted Garlic Latkes
fried potato cakes, chive crema 6

Happy Fries
garlic rosemary fries, black garlic aïoli 4

Spicy Chicken Sando
fried chicken breast, buffalo sauce, spicy slaw, ciabatta 7

Juicy Lucy*
herbed boursin cheese stuffed 1 ⁄ 4 pound burger, caramelized onions, black garlic aïoli, ciabatta 6


Trumer Pils 4.5

House Wine 6  &  Well Drinks 4.5

London Thyme
gin, lemon, thyme syrup, soda 7

Whiskey Sour
bourbon, lemon, simple & a cherry 6

The International
shot of tequila & Shofferhofer Grapefruit Radler 8